my favorite bedrooms

I'm usually more partial to a little more glam, however this room screams comfy retreat and is perfect for a guest room.
Their use of a neutral palette in this room really works well with the little bursts of color found in the decorative pieces.
I love the use of ottoman as a coffee table/surface, It is always a bonus to have multi-purpose pieces, especially if you are tight on space like moi.
Found at elledecor.com.

I'm not so much a fan of the overall decor, or furniture in this room I find it a little bleak. Especially for those gloomy days when you want to shut the world out!
However, the carpet, and calm colors in this room really enhance the focal point of this room, which is the gorgeous outdoors shining through the windows.
If you're lucky enough to have a room like this and you're having a tough time finding inspiration or decorating, use the scenic views around you and work from there

Another example of using neutrals to engage your scenery.
With a natural palette like this, even behind closed curtains you rest in serenity.

I absolutely love the textures and patterns of this room.
What more can I say, it's very cozy.
I love the contrasts of black and white together it looks very clean and provides nice depth to a room that may be small and asphyxiating.
Adding the detailed, busy headboard brings the room together whilst adding the perfect dose of color to a room that may otherwise lack character.

This is one of my dream room.
This room is very grand, classy and busy without being busy.
I love the reoccurring rectangles, and the black on white.
I want to marry the black detail skimming the ceiling, and door which is all tied together perfectly with a matching headboard and bedding.
However, I would change the arrangement on the desk by adding some Lilies & black framed photographs to make it less similar to that of a hotel room.

My choice colors are blue and green because they are calming/relaxing and natural.
This room is perfect because it can be nice and cozy during the winter months yet bright and airy all year 'round.
This room is the perfect example of how to work a coloured carpet.

This room stands tall and proud, although I may also like it because of the dog.
This room is fit for royalty with a personality so strong!
If you're dressing up a room with hardwood floors having a fireplace will help to keep it nice and cozy, otherwise warm it up with some sheep skin rugs.
The contrast of the light pieces of the strong dark floor is not for everyone, but definitely looks more classic than trying to find the right woods.

Stay tuned kids, there will be many more posts like this!

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