These are a few of my favorite things..

Iphone Purge

LV Neverfull gm, I'm addicted to big bags & it's true, this one's never full.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Burberry, Anna Sui, Sugar Lemon by Fresh, Betsey.
The One Hundred by Nina Garcia
The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon
Toasted Sugar Soy Candle
Passion Fruit Cocktail Shea Body Butter by Jaqua

Tori Spelling's New Book, she's hilarious

Some of My Staples

Sugar Lemon by Fresh, I spritz this stuff like there's no tomorrow.
My love affair with this line started while staying at the Roosevelt in Hollywood, where they treat all their guests with products made by Fresh.
A scent for everyone, and products ranging from bath&body to makeup you have to check it out.
Take a peek at the line by visiting a Sephora or by clicking here :)

MAC lipstick in Saint Germain.
The lipstick you've been asking me about.
I've searched high and low to find the perfect shade of chalk pink lipstick, which I put on lightly and add gloss for a sweet pink lollipop look.
You can also dress up and mix it with other shades, for a variety of color.
For some reason all the MAC lipsticks I find and love always seem to be limited edition so when I find something I love, I stock up!
However I would recommend using this lipstick with a chap stick base, or gloss on top as it is somewhat dry, which is one of the few things that bug me about MAC products.


my favorite bedrooms

I'm usually more partial to a little more glam, however this room screams comfy retreat and is perfect for a guest room.
Their use of a neutral palette in this room really works well with the little bursts of color found in the decorative pieces.
I love the use of ottoman as a coffee table/surface, It is always a bonus to have multi-purpose pieces, especially if you are tight on space like moi.
Found at elledecor.com.

I'm not so much a fan of the overall decor, or furniture in this room I find it a little bleak. Especially for those gloomy days when you want to shut the world out!
However, the carpet, and calm colors in this room really enhance the focal point of this room, which is the gorgeous outdoors shining through the windows.
If you're lucky enough to have a room like this and you're having a tough time finding inspiration or decorating, use the scenic views around you and work from there

Another example of using neutrals to engage your scenery.
With a natural palette like this, even behind closed curtains you rest in serenity.

I absolutely love the textures and patterns of this room.
What more can I say, it's very cozy.
I love the contrasts of black and white together it looks very clean and provides nice depth to a room that may be small and asphyxiating.
Adding the detailed, busy headboard brings the room together whilst adding the perfect dose of color to a room that may otherwise lack character.

This is one of my dream room.
This room is very grand, classy and busy without being busy.
I love the reoccurring rectangles, and the black on white.
I want to marry the black detail skimming the ceiling, and door which is all tied together perfectly with a matching headboard and bedding.
However, I would change the arrangement on the desk by adding some Lilies & black framed photographs to make it less similar to that of a hotel room.

My choice colors are blue and green because they are calming/relaxing and natural.
This room is perfect because it can be nice and cozy during the winter months yet bright and airy all year 'round.
This room is the perfect example of how to work a coloured carpet.

This room stands tall and proud, although I may also like it because of the dog.
This room is fit for royalty with a personality so strong!
If you're dressing up a room with hardwood floors having a fireplace will help to keep it nice and cozy, otherwise warm it up with some sheep skin rugs.
The contrast of the light pieces of the strong dark floor is not for everyone, but definitely looks more classic than trying to find the right woods.

Stay tuned kids, there will be many more posts like this!

Looking for Something Unique?

Get a diamond made from the carbon of your loved ones within 70 days.
From a lock of hair to the cremated remains of your loved ones.
This is more chic than the Angelina Jolie-Billy Bob (douchebag) vial of blood!

DNA2Diamonds.com "Your DNA2Diamond is created using the DNA carbon found in a lock of hair you provide from yourself, a loved one, an entire family or even a beloved pet. We then create a genuine, GIA-certified diamond that is equal in every way to an earth-mined diamond. Only better because it contains forever the essence of those you love."

Agent Provocateur

I think my Mom introduced me to Agent Provocateur. She is in love with their Parfum.
I love lingerie, one day I will have my own line. In the meantime no one can compete with A.P

Check out their special annual sale- up to 50% off, and that's a credit saver.
If you're an Agent Provocateur virgin, now's the best time to get started.

Smug genius of the week

I was trying to think of how to respond to this, and the only word that I could possibly use is probably my least favorite word.

Fierce (great, now I'll have nightmares of Tyra Banks)

Uncle Karl brings it.

Grab of The Week

Found these at Zara $129CDN, although I love my luxuries- thank god I'm not interested in spending 500 dollars on a pair of heels that I will trash regardless.

Bags are one thing, heels I'll skip. I live in flats anyways. Although I'm sure I will rebel and post about gorgeous heels.

So say hello to my little friends, my favorite pair of Marc Jacob flats that will soon be retired as they are getting very worn out (my mom has the black pair, maybe I'll have to steal them. do you hear me mom?)

Also check out Topshop for some other fabulous flats. While in London my Mom picked me up a pair of the Silver ballet flats, that I have not taken off since.


Mirrored Pieces

I'm a huge fan of mirrored pieces, obviously because I love all things glamorous, but also because they add such a pizazz to any room and best of all? They go with everything.
These days you'll find a ton of furniture featuring metals, mirrors, and glass.
Plain wooden furniture is so, well plain.
From old Hollywood glam to modern these pieces, if done the right way, can really bring a room together.
They sparkle, they shine, however mirrored pieces are very high maintenance and you'd better have enough time on your hands to wipe away all the finger prints.

Here's some inspiration if you're looking to incorporate mirrored pieces into your home.
The compliments you'll receive will be worth every penny, however make sure your husband/boyfriend approves ahead of time, mine is not a fan :p

If you can't afford the seriously chic vintage pieces, check out pier1 they have a mirrored collection called Hayworth.
I picked up the nightstand & a mirrored lamp and they work perfectly in my small dark downtown condo room. Here are some of the pier 1 pieces.

One Day I Will Have a Collection

I love vintage Louis, their aged leather, the stories behind them, but nothing and I mean NOTHING beats out vintage LV trunks. I especially love them used as focal points of roomvunder a big pile of books as a coffee table- hold the coffee.

Closet Porn

I know many of you share my secret passion of day dreaming about the days when you will have your very own dream closet. It's even better than imagining your future wedding!
Here's some dreamspiration.

Room looking a little lacklustre?

After recently buying my first home, a 920 square foot condo in downtown Vancouver, I finally had the chance to decorate with the perfect canvas, a blank canvas.

I was relieved to move out of my first rental home, with shag green rug, yellow walls and a big gold splattered mirrored wall. You don't have to be a style guru to understand what a serious crime that room was.

My blank canvas consisted of (well not so blank) gorgeous hardwood floors, nice NEUTRAL wall colour, gorgeous granite & a nice modern vibe. And the best part? No abuse from previous design criminals!

I spent countless hours searching all over the city and web for an affordable upholstered headboard, but had no luck.
Then it dawned on me, DIY DIY DIY

Although perhaps the first headboard we made, might not resemble all the headboards I had found as inspiration on the web. It really made our room and looked fantastic to boot!

Please enjoy what is like porno to me, the headboards of my dreams, my fantasies and a few links on how to DIY.

XOX, The Sweet Life
HGTV brings you headboard DIY galore

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